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Lage Magnetic Frag Mount

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Captain Saltys Large Magnetic Coral Reef Frag Mounts are perfect when space is an issue or just when we want to add a couple of cuttings in our reef system.  In addition, because of their smaller footprint, they are a good way to showcase coral frags anywhere in the tank.  They have been developed and tested over the past few years to work in just about any reef system and they are guaranteed never to rust, crack, or break and just like all of our products they are completely reef safe.  Captain Saltys Large Magnetic Coral Reef Frag Mounts use our high strength magnets and will hold through ½ inch of wall thickness without an issue.


Because of the very high strength magnets, a few precautions should be considered before handling.

  • Never pull the magnets off the mount, instead slide them away from the mount in a left or right direction
  • Never handle more than one magnet at a time as they may become stuck to each other making it hard to separate them.  They may also pinch the user’s fingers if not careful
  • Always be aware that they are magnetic and keep them separated by at least one foot, until attaching them to the aquarium

That being said, it is very easy to use Captain Saltys Large Magnetic Coral Reef Frag Mounts.

After removing the rack from the packaging, slide off one magnet at a time away from the mount and set it at least 1 foot from the mount.  Submerge the frag mount into position inside of the aquarium and hold with one hand.  Grasp the outside magnet firmly and place on the outside of the aquarium while lining up the inside magnet.

Magnet Information:

Important Information, please read below!

We use only high strength and quality magnets for all our Frag mounts, Strong enough to hold ALL of our racks, fully loaded, past ½ inch of glass.

  • Do not place on or near electronics!
  • Do not allow the Magnets to be handled by people with pacemakers!
  • Do not allow children to handle Magnets as they may pinch or present a choking hazard!


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